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The Parkour Life

Written By Shreya Bansal (Grade 10)

Parkour is a sport so powerful and pure,
that it makes every self doubting human being sure,
that he or she has it in them and can,
be their very own hero and their very own fan.

If you’re feeling low and sad, parkour gives you a way,
to enter a safe place, where you can freely say,
“I’m not worthless, or useless, I’m a king,
I can do something good, and I’m a powerful thing.

If life is messed up right now,
it gives you a chance,
to sort it out by movement,
then be happy, sing and dance.

Here, every body part has a story to tell,
of how it can move, you can FEEL every cell.
You learn control, grace, and how to go with the flow,
every time you learn something you did not know.

You can learn from nature,
from every living being,
You can learn from what you hear,
and from everything you’re seeing.

If you know parkour,
you’ll never ask “why?”.
You’ll always ask “why not”,
and give it your best try.

No matter what it is,
you’ll give it your best,
After which you’ll learn,
how to slow down and rest😅

You may break some limbs,
On your journey in this world,
Of movement, where endless possibilities are unfurled.

But always remember,
That limbs can heal,
And that wonderful feeling,
No one on earth can steal.

So whether you’re a daughter, a son, or a father,
Whether you are a husband, or wife,
Trust me, you’re welcome to join us and LIVE,
Because parkour is movement, and movement is life!

Featured Image Courtesy – Britannica

Shreya Bansal
Shreya Bansal
My name is Shreya Bansal and I love to write. I can write anything from a story to an article to a poem according to the need.


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