Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Perfect Body

Written By Riva Agarwal (Grade 9)

Whose body is that? I think I know
The owner, she’s quite sad though
To parties she barely goes,
if she ever eats out, she spends the rest of her day in sorrow

All day she restricts cravings,
But at night she finds herself binging on things
She goes to the gym every morning,
Knowing eating is the only way to keep her body working
But every time she sits at the table,
Scared to eat, nutrition for her is an old fable. 

But the body is ideal, unflawed, and deep,
Yet she goes crying, to sleep.
The invisible ropes of consciousness hold her down,
She stands with her perfect body in front of the mirror, 
but her face just frowns.

“I wish I had your body” she hears people say,
But from her body she just wants to run away.
Maintaining the perfect image scars her soul,
And no matter what she does, she can never feel whole. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Adobe Stock


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