Sunday, May 26, 2024

The Scar

Written By Sumati Varma (Grade 10)

When you forget what emotions are,
When all the endless nights of crying and wallowing have left you with a strange scar.
A scar which made you forget,
Forget why you were actually upset.

But along with that it snatched all my memories away,
The memories which I could have cherished today.

I have forgotten who I was,
I have forgotten if my existence had a cause,
Every word, every thought, every decision, every action,
And every feeling from happiness to satisfaction,
All gone in a fraction.

Maybe it was the betrayal or perhaps the shock,
That had caused all of these memories to be closed tightly with a lock.

A lock with a key which I do not have the access to,
Or maybe because I don’t want to because of everything I have been through,
Or maybe because I think it’s too cruel to be true.

Maybe it’s a curse or perhaps even a gift,
That caused my past self and I to drift,
Nevertheless, it’s all faded away,
All of the days where I filled with smiles and play,
Now, all I have it today.

Because the small girl who faced all that hate and betrayal knew,
That to protect herself in the future, she had to start new.

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Sumati Varma
Sumati Varma
Hi, I’m Sumati Varma and I’m a 14 year old ambivert. I have a soft spot when it comes to art, especially poetry and highly respect authors. My poetry usually comes from the darker, deeper aspect of life. My thought process and writings come from people who are suffering or are in pain but can’t find the words to express themselves. So I thought maybe I can do it for them.


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