Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Scar

Written By Sumati Varma (Grade 10)

When you forget what emotions are,
When all the endless nights of crying and wallowing have left you with a strange scar.
A scar which made you forget,
Forget why you were actually upset.

But along with that it snatched all my memories away,
The memories which I could have cherished today.

I have forgotten who I was,
I have forgotten if my existence had a cause,
Every word, every thought, every decision, every action,
And every feeling from happiness to satisfaction,
All gone in a fraction.

Maybe it was the betrayal or perhaps the shock,
That had caused all of these memories to be closed tightly with a lock.

A lock with a key which I do not have the access to,
Or maybe because I don’t want to because of everything I have been through,
Or maybe because I think it’s too cruel to be true.

Maybe it’s a curse or perhaps even a gift,
That caused my past self and I to drift,
Nevertheless, it’s all faded away,
All of the days where I filled with smiles and play,
Now, all I have it today.

Because the small girl who faced all that hate and betrayal knew,
That to protect herself in the future, she had to start new.

Featured Image Courtesy – News Medical