Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Shadows

Written by Eira Sanghvi (Grade 11)

They are hidden deep within us,
In the shadows lurks a dark curse,
The deadly spirits will make it rise,
Just a few mortals will not suffice!

This curse has completely changed her,
Because of her, many will suffer,
She rules over them, she feels no love,
She is the most feared one in the spirit’s cove!

The shadows consist of fear which is most feared,
Many people, enticed with visions, are lured,
But it is not easy to get out of this menace,
Only the ones who have mastered shadow magic can get out of this realm,
this phase,

But not everyone is given the gift of shadow magic,
If misused, this power can turn many lives tragic,
The Shadows still consist of dark secrets & mysteries,
They can forever change history!

Featured Image Courtesy – Wikimedia Commons

Eira Sanghvi
Eira Sanghvi
I thoroughly enjoy writing poems about my feelings or certain interesting topics. I am a kind, caring and loving soul who has a keen interest in drama. I have also written few short stories and my creativity is my strength. Apart from this, I am an animal lover and deeply love the sea and its creatures.



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