Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Truth

Written By Yashvi Jalan (Grade 10)

Trails of tear leaped down my face,
As a concealed truth had resurfaced.

Her enlarged eyes examined me.
My eyelids traced the floor, 
My forehead sweated profusely. 
Yet, she tacitly gazed me. 

Inevitable questions urged for an answer,
Would my sins be forgiven?
Would I regain her lost faith?
No, the truth had destroyed everything. 

Regret was bustling through my veins,
Why did I commit this blunder?
Why did I hold the edged knife?
But past could no longer be rectified. 

She finally muttered ghastly, 
“My life is tormented,
My faith is jinxed,
Lord! She can’t be my ward.”

Mom reiterated the doctor’s saying,
“Your daughter is diabetic,
Refrain her from savouring on sweets.”
Yet, I pulled a knife, unwrapped its packaging. 

Then, sliced a deathly piece of Dairy Milk,
And devoured it! 

Featured Image Courtesy – 123RF