Written By Nandini Puri (Grade 8)

I wonder the rainbow,
I admire the sweet pear,
I fascinate the sorrow,
I ponder my fear.

Virescent is ecologist,
It’s conservative;
Sometimes depicts prosperity,
Sometimes showcases energy.

Makes me jovial when,
I’m close to you.
Verdant and gardens,
Not ample if I write a prose for you.

Milk and honey, or good luck
Might be your wanted greed,
I know your importance in life,
Going “Green” is existence’s core deed.

Featured Image Courtesy – Reddit

My name is Nandini Puri. I am a student of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur, studying in grade 8. I love to pen my thoughts in the form of poetry and prose. I also take interest in political debates and various discussions. My sole interest lies in being free and open to do all my assignments.



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