Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Time Flies By

Written By Sahanaa Reddy (Grade 9)

Was it a dream?
Or, was I not alive?
Everything went by,
Before I could even realize,
Was It the wind?
Or, was it the friend?

The leaves have shed,
The flowers have dried!
But wasn’t it just blooming,
When I felt alive?

Even though I have parched,
I know I can bloom,
Just right alive, perhaps better than every other seed?
But who will provide?
The air, water, and sunlight?

Do I not have support?
Or, did I not ask?
But I remember the last time I tried,
Being left unnoticed!
Maybe because the past has,
Fastened the future,
Its growing thorns which I need to let go!

Bent and broken,
Through the storms and winds,
But still standing up high.
Just to provide from,
Dusk until dawn,
Not for me but for every other bud!

I will not let go,
Until every other bud shall bloom,
Maybe I cannot provide for all at once,
But every other soul shall know,
Just the right place to go!
In times of wind or drought.
Let it be love or let it be life,
I shall believe that
Determination shall win,
Through all thick and thin!

Featured Image Courtesy – Partners in Fire


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