Friday, July 19, 2024

To Whatever End

Written By Prarthana Modi (Grade 9)

To hell and to heaven
And back from there
Not one life but seven
We will be together, I swear

I will find you from the darkest depths
Even ages apart we will be together
A thousand steps, a thousand deaths
We will still find each other

To whatever end, I promise
I will be there to pull you out
To whatever end, I promise
All you need to do is give one shout

Death and darkness swarm around
But you keep lighting up the world
The last ember to protect the ground
Be the light and burn bright always to protect our little world

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Prarthana Modi
Prarthana Modi
I am your average 14 years old book nerd who loves reading and writing. My inspiration to start writing came from reading Uncle Rick Riordan's books. I mainly write poems and I have started writing just last year. I have an up and running website which you can visit here.


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