Monday, June 24, 2024

Truth of Life

Written By Jiya Jain (Grade 9)

People pretend to know you,
When they actually don’t,
They just want you to,
Shower them money,
But you don’t.

They’ll leave you,
After a while,
But be strong,
And try to hide it with a smile.
People who are true to you,
Will notice your fake smile and glow,
But people who use you,
Will move on with the flow.

But be careful if you,
Ever share secrets to a strange one,
As not all of them,
Are right and true for you.

It’s up to you,
If you ever want them,
To stay with you,
Or just erase them,
From your life and memory.
People will never make a move,
To know your feelings and emotions,
It is you who has to make,
Them understand your feelings and emotions.

Whether people understand you
Or not, don’t care,
I will help you,
With your feelings,
In this world full of sorrows.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Happiness Doctor


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