Monday, March 4, 2024

Unspoken Pain, Unwritten Tears

Written By Shraddha NS (Grade 10)

In the hush of night, upon the terrace high,
I sit, a ghost beneath the starlit sky.
Once close, now distant, the ties that fray,
They slipped away like whispers in the fray.

I’m not walking, just gazing at the night,
Each star a hope, each flicker a silent plight.
They drifted, departed, these friends of mine,
Leaving questions, an ache, an ache divine.

The mirror reflects a face filled with regret,
A heartache that I cannot seem to forget.
What was my fault? I cannot discern,
As friendships faded, leaving me to yearn.

No footsteps echo, no solace in the air,
Just a soul adrift in a world unfair.
In the quiet solitude, I pen my tears,
Anonymity my shield, my hidden fears.

These verses carry the weight of my sorrow,
A tale of a heart with an uncertain morrow.
The pain of being forgotten, left behind,
I etch it in words, this ache undefined.

But the night sky listens, it understands,
A witness to the hurt of unseen hands.
These verses, they’ll never tie back to me,
A heartache penned, unseen, yet free.

Featured Image Courtesy – Sanity by Tanmoy


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