Friday, June 2, 2023

What a smile can do

Written By Shreya Bansal (Grade 9)

I was having a pretty horrible day
until I saw someone grinning
the stranger explained that in India vs Pakistan
our country was winning

That cheered me up, just a tiny little bit
so I gave him a cheerful smile
he returned it with double the cheerfulness
and I left smiling this time

What happened next showed me what
a nicely smiled smile could do:
a person on the sidewalk saw my smile
and started smiling too

What I’m just about to say
is experiencefully true:
A smile can make you run around the house
yelling “yoo hoo hoo!”

So this gift that we have of smiling
is not to be kept protected
now go start this pandemic
and let the world be infected


Featured Image Courtesy – Free Press Journal