Wednesday, April 24, 2024

What could I have done better?

Written By Pratichi Satpathy (Grade 8)

As the year comes to an end
I take a walk along the bleak landscape.

I wonder to myself,
What could I have done better?

In the relationships I left behind,
What life lessons did I learn?

In the friends I made,
Who should I have treasured more?

In the harsh words I spoke,
Which ones were better unspoken?

In the goals I had forsaken,
Which ones should I have pursued?

I twirl my umbrella,
Get lost in thought.

But I must not forget,
That a new year is here.

I must remember my follies,
From the previous year.

Work hard to fix ‘me’,
In new year twenty-twenty three.

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Pratichi Satpathy
Pratichi Satpathy
Hi, I am from Bhubaneswar, the City of Temples! I am an avid reader, and writing and reading are my favourite pastimes, besides painting and occasionally holding a concert in the shower. I enjoy writing poetry, short stories, articles, and have a special passion for history, social science and political science.



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