Written By Aadya Kataruka (Grade 9)

When the gratifying droplets come down,
With the invigorating breeze around,
And the quivering trees surround,
It is all worth getting spellbound.

When the tranquillizing droplets come down,
And for once the heartbeat slows down,
And the hazel eyes shut down,
It feels like happiness’s running up and down.

When the enchanting droplets come down,
The real self starts to unbound,
And all those frowns get underground,
Leaving you nothing but astound.

When the persisting droplets come down,
Every second seems to count,
As all the thistledown get on the ground,
And you yourself seem to be found.

When the misty droplets come down,
That enticing gown and blonde hair,
Start to twirl around,
Leaving you in the profound state of a breakdown.

Featured Image Courtesy – Quanta Magazine

Hii I'm Aadya Kataruka and I'm a 14-year-old teenager from Kolkata. Reading, writing, and reconnecting with nature are my favourite pastimes. I relish writing poems on nature and want to use them to bring changes to the world. I also love itinerants and wish to explore nature-friendly places.


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