Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Whispers of the Night

Written By M C Yashaswini (Grade 10)

A ghostly figure appears at night,
Quitely moving out of sight,
In the moonlight it softly glides,
Hiding in shadows it silently bides.

You might feel its presence, though it’s unseen,
A haunting feeling like a whisper keen.
Through the walls, it seems to roam,
A spirit which has no home.

They sway in dreams just out of sight,
In spaces where day turns into night,
Like filmy figures in the misty air,
Leaving behind a haunting stare.

In forests where the moon shines bright,
And old hallways from a time out of sight,
Ghosts are like memories, ancient and near,
They seek solace in the light so clear.

But they don’t stay for very long,
Like a brief glimpse of a favourite song,
They come and go with the fading light,
Vanishing quickly, as if taking flight.

A soul that seeks for peace
Wants this life to come to a cease
Unseen, it wanders in the empty space
A gentle soul with a gentle grace.

Featured Image Courtesy – Twinkl


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