Monday, April 15, 2024

Women’s Voices

Written By Manvi Agarwal (Grade 12)

You can torture me with your words,
You can kill me with your eyes,
You can hit me with your weapons,
But you cannot defeat me.

You may try to suppress me,
You may try to oppress me,
You may try to wreck my self-confidence,
But you may not defeat me.

You will try to shatter my dreams,
You will try to shun my voice,
You will try to force me,
But you will not defeat me.

I will not bend in front of you,
I will not obey you,
I will not lose my hopes,
I will not let you defeat me,
I will RISE, I will RISE, I will RISE.

Featured Image Courtesy – Voices of Youth

Manvi Agarwal
Manvi Agarwal
I am Manvi Agarwal and I am 18 years old. I have recently taken to writing. I am quite fond of art and drawing as well.



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