Monday, April 15, 2024

Yesterday or Tomorrow

Written By Pratithi Das (Grade 8)

It was just yesterday that

We had started blooming,

With the red aprons and little name cards 

We were always roaming. 

The years went by 

Like a blustery wind, now we’re burdened down.

Red big books came in place of the little name cards, 

Life is no more fun.

We’re either too old or too young

To do something fun.

Freedom is like the manure needed 

For us to thrive and grow better,

But it is scarce and very hard to get

So we try to live without it everyday.

Life was simpler when we were blooming, 

Time was always in abundance for us

Now we have become hunters for time to come to us. 

Responsibilities and duties are increasing with time,

We are bound to take this burden for the rest of our lives.

Today will be a yesterday’s tomorrow,

That is the course of life,

It is better to leave all the ‘yesterdays’,

If we want a happy life.

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Pratithi Das
Pratithi Das
To be honest, I might come off as a total perfect person to parents but I'm actually a very chaotic and lazy person. the few things that make me get out of bed in the morning are books, writing, horse riding, music, and of course, school. I'm the clown in my friend group and just a little weird. I'm loud, idiotic, and would be the main comic relief if I was ever in a book. Anyway, even though I have quite a few flaws in me too, aren't the flaws what make a painting beautiful?



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