Saturday, December 2, 2023

Yesterday vs Tomorrow

Written By Suhani Khemka (Grade 9)

Yesterday we danced our hearts out, 
We let the music carry off all our worries,
Tomorrow we will drown in a pile of work,
The pressure suffocating and strangling. 

Yesterday we felt invincible,
Like nothing could harm us,
Tomorrow we will be back,
In the real world with pain and misery. 

Yesterday we were strong,
Like nothing could break us,
Tomorrow we will be like glass,
With a fragile sticker on us. 

Yesterday we lived,
Tomorrow we won’t,
Yesterday we were free,
Tomorrow we will not be. 

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Suhani Khemka
Suhani Khemka
Hey! Suhani here. I am 13 years old and I am very passionate about baking. Reading books, listening to music, reconnecting with nature,traveling, and writing are my favorite pastimes.


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