Thursday, June 1, 2023

You are not alone!

Written By Ankita Srinivasan (Grade 10)

This poem is for people who are facing isolation, or depression. I feel that any of these kinds of problems can be solved very easily, just by being there for them. By giving it a name, the fear is built. Lifting someone’s spirits can be done easily by someone who genuinely cares.

Morose face, downcast eyes,
Deeply hurt, but doesn’t know why.
Moping around with a heavy heart,
He wants to talk but cannot start.

Walks in a road that is brightly lit,
But does not see the scene as fit.
A smile is etched across the face,
He shakes hands but wants some space.

Sitting alone, yet yearning for an ear,
To sit at the side and for someone to hear.
Just walk up, sit down, and let words flow,
A hug and a smile will make him glow.

Featured Image Courtesy – Medium