Written By Anika Punjabi (Grade 8)

I was bold and beautiful,
was known to be faithful.
Would emit light everywhere I went,
had the entire world to represent.

They loved me,
the people worshipped me.
I was always their number-one.
They called me, ‘sun’

I was my mother’s daughter,
the glowing moon’s sister.
Everything was perfectly fine,
until Rain, came somewhere along the line. 

She was breathtakingly stunning,
absolutely cunning.
Her smile would make my heart beat.
presence, made me feel complete.

For her, I glittered brightly,
let my insecurities show, ever so slightly.
I knew she would leave,
but that I just didn’t want to believe.

Just as August came to an end,
I shed tears, watching her descend.
Hated to see my love go away,
I decided to pull off one last display.

With all my strength I rose,
letting my light grow.
As I touched her and no others,
She split into seven beautiful colors.

Rainbow, that’s what the people called it,
Instead, it was a forever reminder of the love we split.

Oh time!
Let the light guide her back to me,
Let the water bring me back to her.

Featured Image Courtesy – Wikipedia

Hi! I am Anika Punjabi. I was born on the 5th of November 2007. I enjoy writing stories that impel the reader to learn as they go. My aim for the future is to help people get stronger both physically and mentally. I really hope that my writing helps raise awareness.



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