Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Articles By Souhardya Bhattacharjee

The Photo

4 min read

“Oh, Dada…just one, Please!”

The words struck the ears of the working photographer. It was already 7 in the...

The Rich? The Poor?

12.5 min read

The tea tastes bitter today thought Hori. Even though it was the same tea, made with equal proportions of water...

The Vanquished

Clearing the thick-framed spectacles was the predisposition of Amitav during tenacious periods. He showed...

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Souhardya Bhattacharjee

Being a fervent reader of many books from Scientific to Political Theory, I Love to Talk and speak of many fundamentals of Books, and various Political and Economical Theories. Covered with Books having infinite Epistemological Output, I am a Class X student speaking of my views of this Society.

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