Sunday, May 26, 2024

Being a Kid

Written By Kavya Varun (Grade 5)

Being a kid you hardly get into trouble,
When you grow older it becomes double,
Being a kid you love pulling faces,
My sister is a lawyer and she has to solve cases,
Being a kid, the only problem you have is tying your shoelaces,
When you grow older you might get braces,
Being in the shower for an hour,
Mom’s OK with it,
You don’t get to choose anything,
From what clothes to wear, all the way to your hair,
For your Barbie doll, you give it a lot of care,
Put cream on it to make it look fair,
You dream of unicorns and cupcakes
And dream about the money you will make,
Will I be famous? Will I be the prettiest on Earth?
The best times you’ve had from birth,
Then you grow older,
As soon as you grow older you realize that you can no more cry on your mother’s shoulder,
Stay young is all I can suggest for now cherish all your moments.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Odyssey Online

Kavya Varun
Kavya Varun
My hobbies change every month and right now it is to paint. I really love writing poems and have been writing since I was 6 years old. My name also means poem. Hope you enjoy reading my poems.


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