Saturday, February 27, 2021

Articles By Kavya Varun

Help Me Up! I am Falling!

1 min read

Everything has changed,
More than that I’m stuck at home,
It’s so strange...

The Nature Ghost

1.5 min read

Nature is so beautiful and it’s our job to look after it,
Because of our greed everything is ruined and here a piece of a story fit,
Once upon a time in the beautiful land of Spain...

The City At Night

It was a dark night, 

The city was asleep not saying a word...


I close my eyes, knowing that another beautiful world can arise

In this world, there is no competition and no prize

About the Author

Kavya Varun

I was born on the 8th June 2011. My hobbies change every month and right now it is to play the piano. I really love writing poems and have been writing since i was 6 years old. Hope you enjoy reading my poems.

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