Sunday, July 21, 2024


Written By Arwa Rampurawala (Grade 8)

The aureole around her,
Reflects with an ethereal light
Pitying us humans’ avaricious plight.

For she herself dons selflessness,
And never astrays from the avatar of goodness
She walks with elegant divinity,
There’s something about her so earthly.

As her nimble feet walk across,
Agile and long,
Unwavering and strong.

She holds the serenity of a goddess, 
the fierceness of a warrior,
Something so exquisite I’ve seen never

She put me in a euphoric state,
Leaves me in a faze,
I’m in a trance,
With her irresistible grace.

Never will I forget I’ll always remember,
Oh, Celestia about you I’ll always wonder!

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Arwa Rampurawala
Arwa Rampurawala
Hey, I'm Arwa a thirteen-year-old bibliophile, procrastinator and aspiring journalist. Passionate about writing short stories and poems which often express my moods and expressions. Found my Ikigai in dancing :)


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