Sunday, July 21, 2024


Written By Nitya Pancholi (Grade 7)

Dancing and singing,
To the chores of the night,
You never feel alone,
At least not tonight,

Laughing and screaming,
With  family and friends,
Mischief and drama,
That’s not where it ends!

Playing and Playing,
Reading and writing,
That’s just what we do,
All day and all night,
There’s just no limit to the sight,

Childhood is the best time of life,
So  enjoy it, use it,
It might be the only time,
When mischief is not a crime

Featured Image Courtesy – Better Place

Nitya Pancholi
Nitya Pancholi
I was brought from heaven in 2009. I enjoy reading crime and thrillers and love playing basketball and tennis. I study in Year 7 in St. Christophers and have quite a good hand at Maths and Art.


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