Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Articles By Nitya Pancholi

Winter Holidays

1 min read

Holidays have come,
And the fun has begun,
To jump around all day...


1 min read

Dancing and singing,
To the chores of the night,
You never feel alone...

Christmas, Christmas

1 min read

Christmas, Christmas,
Oh, How much we love you,
The candles are lit...

The Story of Shravan Kumar

3 min read

Once upon a time there was a generous boy called Shravan Kumar. Both his mother and father were blind. This...

I Close My Eyes…

I close my eyes,
And dream about my flight...

About the Author

Nitya Pancholi

I was brought from heaven in 2009. I enjoy reading crime and thrillers and love playing basketball and tennis. I study in Year 7 in St. Christophers and have quite a good hand at Maths and Art.

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