Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Christmas, Christmas

Written By Nitya Pancholi (Grade 7)

Christmas, Christmas,
Oh, How much we love you,
The candles are lit,
How much we commit,
For the joy of our friends and foe

Christmas, Christmas
Oh, How much we love you,
Hung up are the stockings,
And the cookies have toppings,
The chimney is clean,
For your clothes all red and green

Christmas, Christmas,
Oh, How much we love you,
The snow is falling,
And inside we are waiting,
Till festive bells ring,
Because at this time,
The gifts will be mine,
That’s no crime

Christmas, Christmas,
Oh how much you have got me,
Gifts, snow and Santa too,
The best time of year,
To sing a carol or two,

Christmas, Christmas,
Oh, How could I ever forget you
For all the Sadness you withdrew,
I would like to say Thank You,
A big Thank you to you.

Featured Image Courtesy – History.com

Nitya Pancholi
Nitya Pancholi
I was brought from heaven in 2009. I enjoy reading crime and thrillers and love playing basketball and tennis. I study in Year 7 in St. Christophers and have quite a good hand at Maths and Art.


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