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Friends Are The Siblings God Never Gave Us

Written By Nitya Pancholi (Grade 7)

Friends are the siblings God never gave us
We love, we cry, we make a fuss
It is us now and forever thus and thus
No matter what the situation for each other we always adjust

We grew up together from cycles to cars
From playing in the mud to being in charge
We went from throwing tantrums to learning the guitar
But of course, together we will always act bizarre

We held each other’s hands good times and bad
Soaked each other’s sleeves when we were sad 
This unequalled relationship made us glad
From then on, each other backs we had

But back then who would have thought
In high schools trap, we would get caught
Her cordial smile was now distraught
Whenever we met, we just fought

Never could we have imagined
Hurting each other was now fashioned
Trustworthiness was a joke that had once happened
We followed never questioned or examined 

On the other hand, things could be different
The relationship still held its place, it was magnificent
Our relationship was still munificent
And together we promised that this would be indifferent

Escaped high schools clutches 
but laughed at her blushes
We talked about everything in rushes
But stayed together, in each other’s hand and clutches

Considerate, faithful, empathetic too
By the end of the day our dreams we would pursue
Caring, funny, reciprocal too
Together in the sky, we flew

Friends are the siblings God never gave us
We love, we cry, we make a fuss
It is us now and forever thus and thus

Featured Image Courtesy – Hindustan Times

Nitya Pancholi
Nitya Pancholi
I was brought from heaven in 2009. I enjoy reading crime and thrillers and love playing basketball and tennis. I study in Year 7 in St. Christophers and have quite a good hand at Maths and Art.


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