Saturday, March 2, 2024

Lights Out

Written By Aarushi Mahesh (Grade 8)

The bright dots upon endless skies,
I look up; a world full of lies;

The dark blanket with lights galore,
I look up; a world, certainly not a bore,

All vanished, all gone,
At the sight of 1900s dawn,

It all disappeared with one little click,
The sound of a circuit switch being flicked,

Bulbs blazed around the world,
The constellations throwback, whirled,

A little marble stranded in space,
Desires to show we are large, thus the light bulbs embrace,

Man-made and natural, two completely different words, 
One sharp and one blurred, which one do you prefer.

Featured Image Courtesy – Google Sites

Aarushi Mahesh
Aarushi Mahesh
Avid reader and writer. Passionate about wildlife and travel photography. Won several awards in the field of photography. Poet and musician at heart who plays Piano and Violin. Go check out my medium poetry blog!


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