Monday, December 4, 2023

Lost In A Book

Written By Arwa Rampurawala (Grade 8)

As the letters on the pages form words,
As my eyes begin to register,
I’m transported to a land far, far away,
Unaware of my current surroundings,
I start to explore the land,
Turning the pages, tucking a stray hair strand.

Im mesmerised and tantalised,
As the words and sentences dare me,
Tp go deeper an deeper,
Into this strange land.

They dare me to forget myself,
To leave my surroundings behind,
And break all the rules by which I abide,
Im tempted to break free,
Cut all ties.

But somethings not right,
The pages stop turning,
‘THE END’ is written bold and bright,
The flame of thrill stops burning,
A thought dawns upon me,
That I won’t be able to go further,
Because like always it ends as a cliffhanger.

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Arwa Rampurawala
Arwa Rampurawala
Hey, I'm Arwa a thirteen-year-old bibliophile, procrastinator and aspiring journalist. Passionate about writing short stories and poems which often express my moods and expressions. Found my Ikigai in dancing :)


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