Sunday, June 4, 2023

Pooja Room

Written By Aarushi Mahesh (Grade 8)

The gentle scent spilt into the kitchen,
Engulfing me as I enter,
Soothing chants filled the room if you carefully listen.

My grandma looks back at me
From where she was sitting,
Amidst the circles formed by her cotton saree.

Obscure wisps of smoke drift towards her,
Not batting an eyelid,
Sitting on the wood, in a cramped posture.

Tiny copper cups aligned neatly,
Holding the vermillion and turmeric powders,
Beside the fruit platter and delicacies.

I held out my hand for the apple,
she brushed my hand away,
Smiling, yet firm – making her wrinkles ripple.

Little idols adorned in pink flowers,
She reached out for more,
fragrance pervaded the air, a fragrance that lingers.

Images and portraits filled the walls,
The spirits smiled,
Idols, flowers and paintings galore,

I rarely entered the room,
Enchanting as it seemed,
Just occasionally for a wish or two,

Serenity and a mellow aroma,
Standing with eyes closed,
Just thankful, for everything; for my grandma.

Featured Image Courtesy – Livspace