Tuesday, June 6, 2023

School in Lockdown

Written By Suhana Shaikh (Grade 7, Angel Xpress Foundation)

When I was 5 years old I didn’t like to go to school I like to stay at home and watched TV full day and my school friends didn’t talk with me. When I grew up my teacher said, “You are a bright student I know so study hard to make your parents proud”. After listening to my teacher’s words I have started working on it and from that time I got interest in studies. 

Now, I am very famous in school. My school friends told me, “Suhana is all-rounder, she is smart, she is good at sports and in dance” and from that day I started to go to school regularly. Earlier I used to cry when I was forced to go to school but now I am excited to go to school. I got many friends and I like studying very much and now. Now in lockdown, I am missing my school, friends and teachers. I talk to them every day but on video call. We are not talking face-to-face like how we used to do in school times. 

I am praying to god that this lockdown should get over soon so that I can enjoy my school time with my friends and I can also learn so many new things. I am also hoping that the effect of the virus decreases so that we can go to school without any restriction.

Featured Image Courtesy – NPR