Saturday, December 2, 2023

The City At Night

Written By Kavya Varun (Grade 4)

It was a dark night, 

The city was asleep not saying a word,

Even if it did it wasn’t heard,

The south-east train’s mouths were shut,

As light as a feather was a hut,

Even that was silent,

Wasn’t violent,

The noisy cinema’s trembled with sleepiness,

The lakes were black as the sky,

Nobody knew why,

The icy mountains stood with their minds blank,

There was nobody on the plank,

Some pianos were not played,

There was something incomplete that had to be made in a different shade,

It was getting completed now,

Looking around there was not a single cow,

All the rabbits stopped playing in halls with walls,

They were asleep,

None of them was jumping on rocks with socks,


Featured Image Courtesy – Tripadvisor

Kavya Varun
Kavya Varun
My hobbies change every month and right now it is to paint. I really love writing poems and have been writing since I was 6 years old. My name also means poem. Hope you enjoy reading my poems.


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