Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Nature Ghost

Written By Kavya Varun (Grade 4)

Nature is so beautiful and it’s our job to look after it,

Because of our greed everything is ruined and here a piece of a story fit,

Once upon a time in the beautiful land of Spain,

Everything was peaceful and plain,

All the bees would get attracted to a flower,

And nobody would hurt each other to gain power,

But then people wanted more,

They didn’t want to do a single chore,

Then came along the wanted news,

Technology had been invented which anyone could use,

Everyone used it for everything including the dictating,

But little did they know what was waiting,

Then came along what Sapp, YouTube and all that stuff,

People started using more and didn’t realize when everything became rough,

Then scientists found out,

And said it with a shout,

‘Our planet is in danger because of technology ! STOP ‘

But who was there to care that our nature will drop,

Almost changing the topic forgetting to introduce a little girl,

She is a main character named pearl,

One sunny day, Pearl went into the forest,

She saw a few trees and climbed the tallest,

Looking at her phone giggling too much,

She heard a voice and then felt a nudge,

As soon as she realized she toppled to the ground,

A scary looking ghost is what she found,

Clambering back on to her feet,

She got scared of a ghost which was not animated because on it did not have a sheet,

She tried running the fastest she could,

But she always ended up next to the ghost with a hood,

Pearl was so scared, that her feet went numb,

Then the voice of the ghost said she was acting dumb,

Oh My God what have you done to me,

You have ruined me just look at that poor tree,

This whatever you call technology has ruined the nature,

And I should tell you, you are in charge of the future,

Pearl looked surprised and asked ‘Is it because of technology that this is all not as pretty as before? ‘

‘Yes now you understand, Because of you humans, half of earth’s beauty it torn’ 

Then Pearl shuddered and threw her phone,

She wanted to leave nature alone,

The moral of this story what we learned,

Because of technology, almost everything is burned 

Featured Image Courtesy – Ram Pages

Kavya Varun
Kavya Varun
My hobbies change every month and right now it is to paint. I really love writing poems and have been writing since I was 6 years old. My name also means poem. Hope you enjoy reading my poems.


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