Monday, April 15, 2024

Victory – A Feeling To Remember

Written By Vardhan Gaur (Grade 5)

I walk in the stadium 
And hear the crowd 
I tell them I won’t let them down 
My opponent roars with laughter 
I say you can save that for after 

We take our positions 
As the referee gives his signal 
We launch and I hear a tingle 
My opponent attacks and attacks 

But I tell him this is mine 
I defend gracefully and burst him through 
As he takes a whine 
The scores 2-0 and I just need one more 

But now he has become as hard as ore 
We launch again and it looks like he is going to win 
But I stay there and don’t give up 
And then I attack like never before 

The opponent is forced out of the door
The battle is won but so are the hearts 
Of the many who underestimated me 
Thank you everyone who was there for me.

Featured Image Courtesy – HardTalk

Vardhan Gaur
Vardhan Gaur
Hi! My name is Vardhan Gaur and currently, I am studying in Grade 6. While I am passionate about football and cricket, I also love reading and creating my own Lego. In the recent pandemic, I have been mostly reading, watching movies and sports matches and playing indoor + outdoor football. Maths is another love and I aspire to keep getting better at it! I am excited to be here and I hope you like reading my articles.



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