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Who Am I?

You don't really know me,

You just see the person I pretend to be,

The world I face is unexplainable,

Are We Truly Free?

Written By Ruhani Koul (Grade 8) Are we truly free? Freedom should mean we can be ourselves- and do what we love, no matter what...

Online Schooling

At 6:40 every morning I would board my yellow school bus and stare out of the window taking in the sights and...

Humans aren’t the only animals that dream. Studies have indicated rats dream about getting to food or running through mazes. Most mammals go through REM sleep, the cycle in which dreams occur, so scientists think there’s a good chance they all dream.

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Real Madrid Wins 34th LaLiga Title!

Real Madrid is undoubtedly one of the greatest football clubs of all time. They have left their mark on...

Black or White

It was Michael Jackson’s iconic song, It’s Black, It’s White, that got me thinking about the Colour of One. Here...

The Night

Lightning threw its weight on the dilapidated structure. A series of shrieks ran throughout the atmosphere...

Theodore Roosevelt had a pet hyena Its name was Bill and was a present from the Ethiopian emperor. Roosevelt was famous for his many pets, including a one-legged rooster, a badger, a pony, and a small bear.

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Hitler – Was He Really That Bad? Part 2

My fellow-countrymen, man does not exist on theories and phrases, on declarations or on...

A Labourer’s Cry

We might not be as rich as you

We might work hard, wait for our cue

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