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Virtual Reality and its Applications

3 min read

We have all heard of Virtual Reality (VR) haven’t we? Isn’t it a cool idea to explore the dinosaur world at the...

Fly Emirates, Fly Better

2 min read

Emirates is by far one of the most successful airlines in the industry. With a fantastic in-flight experience...

The Emu War

5 min read

Dangerous diversity – that is what comes to my mind when I think of Australia. This incredibly diverse continent...

PS – You’re Beautiful

1 min read

Her eyes sparkle like a star,
And her entrance is a big bizarre!
She gets all the attention and love...


Kangaroos keep growing until they die. They are the world’s largest marsupial.

Image Courtesy - ABC | Powered By - The Fact Site

World War II

1 min read

Hundreds of brave men trudging forward,
Sacrificing everything they had,
After all, running away from duty is bad,

Another Strike

1 min read

Another day,
Another strike.
Time passes,

Highs and Lows of the Grammys, 2021

3 min read

The 63rd Grammys, 2021 is certainly one to make history. It switched between the indoor performance stage...

How Does Thinking Work?

2 min read

Have you ever wondered where exactly your thoughts come from? Or how your thinking caps work? Moreover...

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