Friday, October 30, 2020

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Lights Out

1 min read

The bright dots upon endless skies,
I look up; a world full of lies...

Notion – The Best App I Discovered This Year

5.5 min read

This lockdown has changed our lives and one of the main transitions we have made is to the world of technology...

The Initiative

The Little Monkey

The Magnificent Mountains

The World of Passwords

What food means to me?

A Simpleton


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The Indian Doctor Keeps Apple Away

Apple is the world’s largest company in the world only recently hitting the 2 trillion-dollar mark on the NASDAQ...

The Israel-Palestine Conflict

One of the biggest myths around the Israel-Palestine conflict is that it's been going on for centuries and it is all...

My Amazing Mother

My mother's name is Sabira. She is 35 years old. She does lot for us. When my mother was born..

All In A Day’s Work

"Hey there! Why are you all alone?" I asked for I had seen a young boy, with tattered clothes and...